Keychain Unlocker

Unlocks the Keychain in OS 9 when your Mac starts up.

Version 2.0.8

Download Keychain Unlocker ( 15k )

Requires Mac OS 9
(also runs in classic mode under OS X)

You will need Stuffit Expander version 5 or later to unstuff

Last Update 7/9/02

Version History


What does it do?

Unlocks the Keychain in OS 9 when your Mac starts up (or anytime you wish).
It will also unlock multiple keychains.

Mounts servers after the keychain is unlocked.
Launches applications after the keychain is unlocked.

What do I need?

Any Macintosh with OS 9
AppleScript (included with OS 9)
Keychain Access control panel (included with OS 9)
Keychain Scripting (included with OS 9)

Why use this program?

Mac OS 9 automatically locks the keychain when you start up your Mac.
You would normally have to unlock the keychain yourself by entering your password whenever you re-start your Mac. This is extra work that nobody needs if you are just using your Mac from home or a small office where you are not concerned about security.
It is also a problem for file servers that are set to start up unattended at a specific time each day or when the power goes down and back on.

"Keychain Unlocker" eliminates this problem by automatically unlocking the keychain whenever your Mac starts up or re-starts.


Keychain Unlocker

by Rich Love

Carnation Software

Version 1.0 released November 9, 1999

Version 2.0 released November 26, 1999

Copyright 1999

All Rights Reserved